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Our History

In the labyrinth of the city, where concrete and glass intertwine, three friends embarked on a journey that would redefine their understanding of the urban landscape. Vanny, Toure, and Abdi, each bearing a unique perspective shaped by their diverse backgrounds, found solace and inspiration in the simple act of walking together. As they traversed the city's alleys and streets, their footsteps echoed with the passages of their favorite books, words dancing in the air and mingling with the rhythm of the city's pulse.

What began as casual strolls soon transformed into profound explorations of history, culture, and personal narratives. The city, once a mere backdrop, became a living, breathing entity, whispering its secrets to those willing to listen. Inspired by this revelation, the trio founded Urban Hikers, an initiative born from the desire to unravel the intricate tapestry of stories woven into the urban fabric.

For Urban Hikers, the city is not just a collection of buildings and roads; it is a vibrant canvas, each brushstroke a tale waiting to be told. They believe that every step holds the power to unlock a memory, every corner a gateway to a forgotten history. By connecting these elements through the act of walking, Urban Hikers seeks to create a dynamic map of shared experiences and perspectives, inviting others to join them on a journey of discovery.

As they walk, they create a space where the boundaries between past and present blur, where the voices of the city's inhabitants, both past and present, converge in a symphony of human experience. Each journey with Urban Hikers is an opportunity to see the city through fresh eyes, to uncover the hidden narratives that lie just beneath the surface, and to find oneself in the stories of others.

In a world where the rapid pace of life often leaves us disconnected from our surroundings, Urban Hikers invites us to slow down, to listen, and to discover the extraordinary within the ordinary. With every step, they remind us that the city is not just a place to pass through, but a living, breathing entity that has the power to transform us, one story at a time.


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