Understanding Range Anxiety on Foot

September 16, 2024

10:17 am


5:17 pm

September 16, 2024 10:17 AM
Week 1: “Stride and Seek: Understanding Range Anxiety on Foot” • Explore the psychological aspects of range anxiety in walking. Learn mindfulness techniques and route planning strategies to build confidence through a guided walk
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Speakers on this Workshop

Understanding Range Anxiety on Foot

Lecture: An engaging talk on the psychological aspects of range anxiety and how it applies to walking.

Interactive Workshop: Techniques for overcoming range anxiety, including mindfulness exercises and route planning.

Guide Walk: Ashort, inclusive walk designed to build confidence in participants' walking range

By participating in the “Stride into September” series, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique aspects of walking, develop practical skills to enhance their walking experiences, and build a supportive community of urban explorers. This series aims to inspire and educate participants on the art and benefits of walking, promoting a healthier, more connected urban lifestyle

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