About us

Our Mission:

Urban Hikers envisions cities where everyone feels equipped and encouraged to explore every nook and cranny. We see urban exploration as a vital tool to foster belonging, prompting community conversations and advocacy.


Our Origin:

The epiphany struck as we wandered the streets, sharing stories from our favorite books while soaking in the city's ambiance. Every building, every alley, and every corner whispered tales of the past and present. Our strolls became more than just walks; they evolved into deep dialogues about history, culture, community, and individual experiences.  Urban Hikers began as a heartfelt endeavor by three friends - Vanny, Toure, and Abdi - representing diverse backgrounds and faiths. Driven by a love for literature and curiosity about their city's diverse narratives, they transformed a traditional book club into a walking exploration of urban tales. For many, cities are sprawling concrete terrains; but to us, they are a vast canvas of stories, histories, and memories ready to be unraveled.


Where We're Heading:


group of people walking toward a city
We're on a quest to help people connect with the very soul of their community through the simple act of walking. Beyond the health benefits, we believe that walking helps knit tighter community bonds. As we meander through our local streets, alleys, and boulevards, we not only uncover hidden stories but also strengthen our connections with fellow explorers and the environment we inhabit.


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